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    I position myself between code and design. Last year I have finnished my master studies in Graphic Design.

    I have 5 years experiece as a freelance designer and front-end developer.

    Last year I've spent 6 months on interinship in London, swaping positions between digital design / front-end development. I am curently on internship in Leiden (NL) in a creative agency Just as a front-end developer. I want to be just like you — focused on high quality results and functional design. And I do believe that a great designer should know all the limts of the used technology and always try to move them forward, thats why I decided to learn as much front-end technlogy as I can.

    I have got experience with performace and data driven design from London digital Marketing Agency as well as high quality focused, unmeasurable artistic output prefered in Netherlands.

    From my previous experiences I can tell that being satisfied by your work is what really matters, not selling your soul.

    Hope you will enjoy my works below.

Alright, here is my Skype and email.

Thanks for stopping by!